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An Independent, Coed, Friends School, Nursery Through Grade 12


The Moses Brown School campus provides students with an environment that nourishes their intellectual, 物理, and spiritual growth. 

No other campus in 普罗维登斯 gives students such a robust environment—learning and library spaces, athletic fields, performance halls, forested glades, and plenty of open green space in which to study and relax with friends.

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The original edifice of Moses Brown School is 中间的房子, and it was here that Moses met with students and faculty, overseeing the construction and early operations of the school that bears his name. He managed the school's finances, and was a regular presence on campus, delighting in the energy and enthusiasm of the school community he created. 



Built in 1962, 朋友大厅 is home base for M8体育官网 at Moses Brown. Designed by The Architects Collaborative, 朋友大厅 is a modernist take on classic New England building materials. 朋友大厅 houses World Language, 科学, and some Math classrooms, as well as the Head of M8体育官网's office. 



From the moment you step inside, Moses Brown's lower school challenges children's assumptions and encourages them to think and play in new ways. 一棵树在里面? 一个沙箱? Neato. There are reading lofts, nooks and crannies filled with blocks and toys, an elevated indoor play structure with furniture, 娃娃, 服装, 和更多的. 


Woodman Center

开放ed in December 2016, the Woodman Family 社区 & Performing 艺术 Center is a facility like no other in New England. With a completely-reconfigurable main hall, it can turn from a 500-seat theater to an empty box, or anything in between. The theatrical facilities are state-of-the-art. 



The 21st century presents a challenge that no generation of students has ever faced before: With the accumulated factual knowledge of humanity available through your smartphone, what is the best use of your time and energy as a student? At Moses Brown, we believe that the answer lies in Expert Thinking. 


Waughtel-Howe Field House

Built in 1966, the Waughtel-Howe Field House was the site of the first-ever installation of AstroTurfTM. It's the home of Moses Brown's many championship-winning teams, and hosts lower and middle-school Physical Education activities all year long. M8体育官网


开放ed in December 2017, the Gorgi Family Squash & Education Center is the home of Moses Brown's boys' and girls' squash teams, and the 普罗维登斯 home of SquashBusters, 公司. 

Outdoor Spaces

The Front Circle since Moses Brown broke ground over 200 years ago, the Front Circle has been the main entry point and open-air gathering space at Moses Brown School. 


Originally constructed as a gymnasium in the early 1900s, the Walter 琼斯图书馆 was converted to a library in 1978, and completely renovated in 2016 as part of the Woodman Family 社区 & Performance Center. 


Built in 1892, the 三个橡树 Studio houses work spaces for painting, 画, 陶瓷, 陶器, and an expansive wood shop. 学生 in Kindergarten and above use the facilities as they learn techniques and materials for rendering their own visions. 


For generations, the 辛克莱的房间 has been many things and worn many names. Formerly a study hall with rows of fixed wooden desks, this multifunctional space was renovated in the 1980's and hosts social gatherings, board meetings, continuing education night for parents and students, 和更多的.


Moses Brown school has three dining areas for students, all staffed and operated by SAGE 餐厅, one of the leading providers of collegiate and independent school foodservice in the country.